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Lecture 5 PSY220 Social Influence (2013) WHITE

Overall pargcipants conformed on one third of the

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Unformatted text preview: e in a group – Give esGmates out loud over trials 2 Reasons We Conform •  Norma;ve social influence: the need to fit in and be accepted Solomon Asch (1956) •  Of course we rely on the opinions of others when we feel uncertain •  Asch interested in situaGons in which one’s own judgment conflicts with that of the group •  Predicted less conformity in this situaGon Solomon Asch (1956) Who Caved? •  Three- quarters of parGcipants conformed to the erroneous majority at least once. •  Overall, parGcipants conformed on one- third of the trials. Do you wash your hands? •  Hand washing is a desirable behaviour. •  Yet, people do not wash their hands all the Gme. •  Do people wash their hands more in the presence of others than when they are alone? Hand Washing Study •  Do social...
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