Lecture 5 PSY220 Social Influence (2013) WHITE

Put them together and you get a deal each month joe

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Unformatted text preview: 0 Small Request Only Big Request First That’s Not All! •  The influencer begins with an inflated request, then decreases its apparent size by offering a discount or bonus Principle 2 Commitment Once a person takes a stand, there is a natural tendency to behave in ways that are stubbornly consistent with that stand Stood Up •  Gordon Sinclair, owner of a Chicago restaurant, reduced his no- show reservaGon rate from 30% to 10%. •  The recepGonist changed the statement: –  “Please call if you have to change your plans.” –  “Will you please call if you have to change your plans?” (and then waited for a response). Why It Works •  Personal consistency is highly valued •  We are mentally lazy (cogniGve misers...
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