Lecture 5 PSY220 Social Influence (2013) WHITE

Reciprocity 2commitment 3liking 4scarcity 5authority

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Unformatted text preview: •  Compliance Social Influence Low Pressure Conformity Compliance High Pressure Obedience Obedience Behaviour change produced by command of authority Stanley Milgram (1963) Who Obeyed? •  66% of people delivered maximum level of electric shock •  Variability in obedience •  Why did some people obey and some people disobey? “Tuning In” the Learner •  Group 1: learner neither seen or heard •  Group 2: learner heard through microphone •  Group 3: Learner in same room as teacher – Least likely to obey •  Closeness promotes empathy (awareness of suffering) “Tuning Out” the Experimenter •  Group 1: Experimenter present in same room •  Group 2: Experimenter gave orders from another room via a telephone – Less likely to obey •  Distance from experimenter reduces fears of disapproval...
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