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Unformatted text preview: health •  He was in his 40s, trim, athle2c, didn’t smoke and had no family history of heart a5ack •  The doctor wrote off the pa2ent’s chest pains as “overexer2on” •  The next day, the pa2ent had a heart a5ack Class Poll Does the le5er “r” occurs more ocen as: a.  the first le5er of a word b.  the third le5er of a word c.  about equally as ocen Class Poll In Canada crimes are classified into 2 categories: –  Violent: murder, rape, robbery, assault –  Nonviolent: burglary, larceny, car thec Ques2on: What % of crimes do you think are violent? Availability Heuris2c The tendency to judge the frequency or likelihood of an event by the ease with which relevant instances come to mind Planning Fallacy The tendency for people to be unrealis2cally op2mis2c about how quickly they can complete a project Planning Fallacy •  Students asked to predict when they would complete their honours thesis – as accurately as possible – if everything went as poorly as it possibly could Planning Fallacy Percentage of students who completed thesis by the 2me they had es2mated Percentage of students who finished under the assump2on that everything would go as poorly a...
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