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Lecture 3 PSY220 Social Cognition and Attribution (2013) shortened for PDF white

External that was the pickiest set of quesaons ive

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Unformatted text preview: irritable when I am sick. b.  My friends are kind of flaky. 4.  The project you are in charge of is a great success. a.  Everyone devoted a lot of 2me and energy to it. b.  I kept a close watch over everyone’s work. 5.  You we extremely healthy all year. a.  Few people around me were sick, so I wasn’t exposed. b.  I made sure I ate well and got plenty of rest. 6.  You tell a joke and everyone laughs. a.  The joke was funny. b.  My 2ming was perfect. A5ribu2ons •  Most explana2ons fall into two categories: 1.  Internal: disposi2onal 2.  External: situa2onal •  People will come to different types of conclusions depending on the a5ribu2ons that they make. Nega(ve Events 1.  Your car runs out of gas on a dark street late at night. a.  I didn’t check to see how much gas was in the tank. b.  The gas gauge was broken. 2.  You buy the person you are da2ng a gic and he/she doesn’t like it. a.  I didn’t put enough thought into it. b.  He/she has very picky tastes. 3.  You are in the hospital and few people come to visit. a.  I’m irritable when I am sick. b.  My friends are kind of flaky. Posi(ve Events 4.  The project you are in c...
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