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Lecture 3 PSY220 Social Cognition and Attribution (2013) shortened for PDF white

What kinds of a5ribu2ons do we make 2 how do we make

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Unformatted text preview: s it possibly could: Poor Planning Opera house in Sydney Australia Projected: 6 years, $7 million Actual: 16 years, $102 million Montreal Olympics in 1976 Projected: $120 million for the whole Olympics Actual: $120 for special stadium with special roof (and it wasn’t even built un2l 1989!) Take Home Message Start studying now, but you are s2ll likely to be cramming at the last minute. Social Cogni2on •  What is the key premise of social cogni2on? •  What are schemas? •  What are heuris2cs? •  Are we idiots? “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” - Albert Einstein No! •  The human mind is ingeniously constructed to allow us to make automa2c judgments. •  Schemas and heuris2cs are helpful a lot of the 2me, but in many cases they are not. •  But, we are not helpless vic2ms of how our minds work! Automa2c & Controlled •  We don’t just respond to events in our world automa,cally (although this does happen at 2mes). •  We also possess the ability to think effor0ully and deliberately about our social world. –...
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