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Unformatted text preview: We can consider mul2ple alterna2ves. –  We search for disconfirming informa2on. Break Hypothe2cal Scenario You ask someone on a date, and they say, “Sorry, I have a prior commitment that night.” Would you try to “figure out” why they said no? –  Maybe they are playing hard to get? –  Maybe that have a legi2mate excuse? –  Maybe they think you are s2nky. –  Maybe they are already in a rela2onship? Key Premise of Social A5ribu2on •  We are meaning makers: we constantly “ask why” people behave the way that they do •  We make a9ribu(ons, that is, we seek to determine the cause for something 3 Ques2ons 1.  What kinds of a5ribu2ons do we make? 2.  How do we make a5ribu2ons? 3.  Can we trust our a5ribu2ons? 1.  Your car runs out of gas on a dark street late at night. a.  I didn’t check to see how much gas was in the tank. b.  The gas gauge was broken. 2.  You buy the person you are da2ng a gic and he/she doesn’t like it. a.  I didn’t put enough thought into it. b.  He/she has very picky tastes. 3.  You are in the hospital and few people come to visit. a.  I’m...
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