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Lecture 6 PSY220 Attraction & Relationships (2013) WHITE

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Unformatted text preview: ve been repeatedly exposed to them (mere exposure). Mere Exposure Effect The tendency for novel (new) s0muli to be liked more a^er we have been repeatedly exposed to them Correla3onal Examples •  Correla0on between frequency of exposure and how much we like items in a given domain –  Apples > grapefruits; broccoli > leeks –  Venezuela > Honduras (among people from U.S.) •  Does Exposure à༎ Liking? •  Does Liking à༎ Exposure? Be1er Correla3onal Evidence •  People prefer le.ers in the English alphabet that appear more o^en in words. –  Hard to imagine that there are so many Es and Rs because people like those le.ers. •  We tend to prefer le.ers in our own names –  The name came first (from our parents), then the preference for the le.ers. Experimental Evidence Kadirga Afworbu Do we select dogs who look like us? Dog Study •  45 dogs and their owners photographed separately •  Judges shown one owner, that owner’s dog, and one other dog •  Task for par0cipants: pick the true match Results •  Observers were be.er able than chance to match the owner with their dog •  Observers correct 64% of the 0me •  Results due to se...
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