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Similarity facilitates smooth interac0ons similar

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Unformatted text preview: lec0on, not convergence not due to becoming more similar over 0me (ability to pair a person with their pet was not associated with length of dog ownership) Factor #2: Similarity Do opposites a.ract or do birds of a feather flock together? Empirical Evidence •  1,000 married couples provided informa0on about themselves on 88 characteris0cs •  Average similarity of couples compared to similarity of random “couples” •  Actual couples more similar on 66 out of 88 •  Most similarity for social class and religion Empirical Evidence •  Interracial and interethnic couples are more similar to each other in personality traits than couples of the same race and ethnicity. •  Possible compensa0on for dissimilarity on one dimension by seeking out similarity on others How Does It Work? •  Similarity facilitates smooth interac0ons (similar amtudes, less conflicts of interest). •  We expect similar others to like us. •  Similar others have quali0es we like; dissimilar others are “unreasonable.” Factor #3: Physical A.rac0veness What is Beau3ful? •  Facial symmetry •  Women •  Men What is Beau3ful? •  Facial symmetry: Preference for symmetrical faces (seen across cultures, ethnic groups, etc.) What is Beau3ful? •  Facial symmetry: Preference for symmetrical faces (...
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