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Unformatted text preview: o I must have meant it.” Post Decision Dissonance University of Toronto, St. George •  Pros: Great variety of food opJons •  Cons: Si1ng for hours in traffic University of Toronto, Mississauga •  Pros: Prof. Imped teaches Social Psychology •  Cons: You have to live with your parents UTM is the Best (and UT St. George Sucks!) •  Having access to great food doesn’t really mader to me (I can only afford Tim Hortons anyway) •  Living with my parents won’t be all that bad (I can save money). Horse Race Study •  Horse enthusiasts asked to rate the chances that their horse would win the race at 2 Jme points •  RaJngs before they bet: “fair” •  RaJngs amer they bet: “good” “Are you working with that other fellow there? Well, I just told him that my horse had a fair chance of winning. Will you have him change that to a good chance? No, by God, make that an excellent chance.” Effort Jus8fica8on •  Thinking “Why did I suffer for something that isn’t that great?” produces dissonance. •  Finding reasons for why we have devoted Jme, effort, or money to something that has turned out to be unpleasant or disappoinJng. Psychology of Sex Study •  College students volunteered to join a group to discuss the psychology of sex •  To be admided to the group, students had to pass a screening procedure Group 1: Screening procedure was extremely demanding Group 2: Screening procedure was mildly unpleasant Group 3: Admided to the group with no screening Psychology of Sex Study •  All students then listen in on what they think is a live discussion of the sex group...
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