Lecture 9 PSY220 Aggression & Altruism (2013) NO PICS&WHITE

leonard goldstein abc we live in a violent society

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Unformatted text preview: rejected earlier were more aggressive •  They gave longer and louder bursts of aversive noise. Aggressive Cues Consider these data … The homicide rate in countries all over the world is highly correlated with the availability of handguns. Britain, for example, where handguns are banned, has one- quarter the popula<on of the United States, but just one- sixteenth as many homicides. And these … The murder rate in SeaJle, which does not restrict handgun ownership, is more than twice as high as that in Vancouver which severely restricts handgun ownership. But, SeaJle and Vancouver have similar climates, popula<ons, economics, and general crime rates. Gun Study •  University students were made angry and were then allowed to administer shocks in return •  Three condi<ons –  Gun condi<o...
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