Lecture 9 PSY220 Aggression & Altruism (2013) NO PICS&WHITE

Lecture 9 PSY220 Aggression Altruism(2013 NO PICS&WHITE

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Unformatted text preview: when he/she drinks moderately or not at all. Marital violence is between four to six <mes more likely if the husband is an alcoholic than if he is not. And these… Both boys and girls who bully others are almost five <mes more likely to report alcohol use than those who do not bully. Da<ng aggression is up to five <mes more likely among adolescents who use alcohol compared with those who do not. Experimental Study •  Male undergraduates in heterosexual rela<onships were asked to describe a current conflict in their rela<onships •  “Drunk” group: drank vodka to Ontario’s legal limit (.08) •  Control group: consumed drink that smelled like alcohol but contained basically no alcohol •  Asked to evaluate...
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