Lecture 9 PSY220 Aggression & Altruism (2013) NO PICS&WHITE

G carmageddon mortal kombat non violent games eg

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Unformatted text preview: the United States would be killed and the last leq could turn off the TV.” - Michael Medved, Film Cri<c The Truth The mass media is a mirror that provides a distorted violent image of reality Myth 2 Violent media are cathar<c and therefore decrease aggression Catharsis •  Dates back to Aristotle, comes from the Greek katharsis, which means to cleanse •  Ac<ng aggressively or even viewing aggression purges anger and aggression •  Blow off steam; get it out of your system “One of television’s greatest contribu<ons is that it brought murder back into the home where it belongs. Seeing a murder on television can be g ood therapy. It can help work off one’s antagonisms.” - Alfred Hitchcock Kip Kinkel’s Journal “I am so full of rage that I feel I could snap at any m...
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