Lecture 9 PSY220 Aggression & Altruism (2013) NO PICS&WHITE

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Unformatted text preview: because human beings are selfish (i.e., there’s something in it for us). Social rewards mo<ve: People are mo<vated to help others to obtain social rewards Experienced distress mo<ve: People are mo<vated to help others in need to reduce their own distress Abraham Lincoln Story One day, while riding in a coach, Abraham Lincoln and a fellow passenger were deba<ng the ques<on : Is helping ever altruis<c? Lincoln argued that helping always stems from self- interest, whereas the other passenger took the view that true altruism exists. Suddenly, the men were interrupted by the screeching whine of a sow trying to save her piglets from drowning in a creek beside the coach track. Lincoln promptly called out: “Driver, can’t you stop for just a moment?” He jumped out of the coach, ran to the creek, and liqed the piglets to the safety of the bank. When he returned, his companion said,” Now, Abe, where does selfishness come in on this liJle episode?” “Why, bless your soul, Ed,” Lincoln replied. “That was the very essence of selfishness. I should have had no peace of mind all day had I gone on and leq that suffering old sow worrying o...
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