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Lecture 10 PSY220 Canadian Spotlight (2013) NO PICS & WHITE

For women the more jealousy they felt the more 8me

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Unformatted text preview: ma8on seeking. Study 1 •  343 undergraduate Facebook users •  On average, 385 FB friends; 45 minutes per day! •  Majority were currently involved in da8ng rela8onships •  Created a new measure of jealousy on Facebook Facebook Jealousy Measure •  How likely are you to become jealous amer your partner has added an unknown member of the opposite sex? •  How likely are you to monitor your partner’s ac8vi8es on Facebook? Study 1 Results •  Women spent significantly more 8me on Facebook than men •  Time spent on Facebook predicted increased jealousy, even controlling for other personal and rela8onship factors. •  But only for women, not men Study 1 Results 4 3.5 3 Less 8me on FB 2.5 2 1.5 More 8me on FB 1 0.5 0 Men Women Study 2 •  16...
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