Lecture 10 PSY220 Canadian Spotlight (2013) NO PICS & WHITE

Majority were currently involved in da8ng rela8onships

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Unformatted text preview: t on a larger scale. Results 3.6 3.55 3.5 3.45 3.4 3.35 3.3 3.25 3.2 3.15 3.1 3.05 Uncertainty Control ImplicaCons •  Results may help to explain why religious conflicts can be so difficult to resolve. •  Religious zeal can be a mo8vated defense that people seize to quell feelings of self- uncertainty. •  Most people would not want to admit that the fervency of their religious ideals might be a psychological defense. Is Facebook ruining our rela8onships? Amy Muise UTM Facebook •  84% of Canadians ages 18- 34 have a social networking site •  Of those, 90% use FB (check at least once a day) •  Changed the way we communicate about rela8onships and our access to informa8on •  Informa8on seeking: “creeping” Two Studies •  Study 1: The more people spend 8me using Facebook, the more jealousy they will experience. •  Study 2: Exposure to jealousy triggers on Facebook will lead to more infor...
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