Lecture 10 PSY220 Canadian Spotlight (2013) NO PICS & WHITE

Sat stacsccs men score 34 points higher on average

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Unformatted text preview: 0 psychology undergraduate students •  Used simulated environment to expose par8cipants to a picture of their “partner” on FB •  Partner was pictured with either: (a) a cousin, (b) friend, or (c) unknown •  Measured jealousy and 8me spent searching Imagine this is your roman8c partner tagged in the birthday album of …. Condi8on 1: Their cousin Condi8on 2: A mutual friend Condi8on 3: An unknown person Study 2 Results •  Par8cipants were most jealous and spent the most 8me creeping when person was unknown or a mutual friend as opposed to a cousin. •  For women, the more jealousy they felt, the more 8me they spent creeping. •  No link for men “I would never look at her FB page . . . I would just rather not know.” (man) “I’m sure if I looked at it every day, I would feel kind of jealous and bummed out. So I...
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