Lecture 10 PSY220 Canadian Spotlight (2013) NO PICS & WHITE

Two studies study 1 feelings of personal uncertainty

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Unformatted text preview: ty is most basic cause of anxiety Religious Zeal •  Tenacious convic8on and intolerance of dissent for one’s religious beliefs •  Uncertainty is the most basic cause of anxiety in humans. •  When people feel uncertain, religious zeal will increase. Two Studies •  Study 1: Feelings of personal uncertainty cause increases in zeal about people’s own religious beliefs. •  Study 2: Feelings of personal uncertainty will cause people to derogate other people’s religious beliefs. Study 1 •  20 undergraduate psychology students •  Randomly assigned to two condi8ons –  Uncertainty: read extremely difficult and ambiguous passage from a sta8s8cs textbook –  Control: read simple passage from sta8s8cs textbook •  Answered filler ques8ons Religious Zeal...
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