Lecture 2 PSY220 Methods & Social Self (2013) shortened for PDF(1)

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Unformatted text preview: gs Some>mes when we look inside we make mistakes, guess, or give what we assume are plausible or socially desirable answers Looking Outward •  •  •  We look to the outside world We think about how we are perceived and viewed by other people and groups of people Looking- glass self Social Comparisons •  •  When objec>ve standards are missing, we compare ourselves with other people But who do we and who should we compare ourselves to? How good is Professor ImpeZ as an academic psychologist? Upward Social Comparison Dr. Freud Downward Social Comparison Similar Social Comparison Prof. ImpeZ Dr. Phil Prof. Schimmack Comparing Ourselves to . . . §༊  §༊  §༊  Someone similar provides the most accurate feedback Someone “superior” (i.e., an upward social comparison) makes us feel worse, but can pro...
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