Lecture 2 PSY220 Methods & Social Self (2013) shortened for PDF(1)

How do we know and feel about the self how

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Unformatted text preview: self- worth •  Alcohol increases self- esteem and aggression •  Murderers and rapists have inflated self views •  Gang members are most violent when they are disrespected or threatened Recap •  •  •  Self- knowledge comes from looking within and looking to our social world It is important to feel good about “the self” But not so good that we cannot take challenge or cri>cism The Self §༊  What is the self? How do we know and feel about the self? §༊  §༊  How does culture influence the self? Strongly Disagree 1.  1 2 Class Survey 3 4 5 6 Strongly Agree 7 My happiness depends on the happiness of those around me. 2.  I will sacrifice my self- interest for the benefit of the group I am in. 3.  It is important to m...
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