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Unformatted text preview: wo difference between the Red Vienna and New Frankfurt Housing Projects - answer: New Frank housing subscribed to a modernist appearance, always insisted on standardization - identify a building whose transparency can be described as neither literal or phenomenal. Explain in ONE Sentence Essay Questions- - provide a brief answer (4- 5 sentences) to two of the following three questions in the space provided below. Your ANswer should be concise, clear, and to the point. It should Iit in the space provided - spatial arrangement of a plan, how are the bedrooms and private spaces better than shared spaces - circulation space: you have to pass through the circulation space in order to reach the private space - you have to pass through all the other rooms to get through one room, making even the private spaces very public - use key words - make 2 arguments in the paragraph Lecture 1: - history of the present - also tell us how things did not have to be the way they were today - Beaux- Arts - no studio, dedicated to lectures - had a huge gallery which students were asked to make drawings from architectural fragments - students had to rent spaces called ateliers outside of the school - Polytechnique - Bauhaus: replaced the 2 previous schools, however...
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