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Paris which would provide more air and light to the

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Unformatted text preview: we still use words such as charette that were created there - the jury is the people who review the pin up, know the whole process and change in how work was assessed from school to school - bauhaus curriculum diagram - The Metropolis - view of modern era: utopia and dystpoia - Engles - dealing with the problem of modernization: - Haussmenization of Paris - renew infrastructure - hygiene, urban furniture - Ebener Howard suggested the idea of garden cities or satellite cities - modernist faith in open space as a key component - plan voisin: Le Corbusier’s plan to take down the centre of Paris which would provide more air and light to the city - media in architecture: Columina - Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion existed only in images for a long time and because of popularity it was built in 1980s - MOMA - exhibitions and people - Tectonics - looking at the question of structure of tectonics - tectonics is a matter of how buildings appear to stand up as well as how they are actually standing up - primitive huts - Geidion hated oranment - Herzog and de Meuron - trying to make sense of the unusual ornamentation - FUNCTIONALISM - chair example - ornament= anything which seemed unnecessary - Loos: ornament and Crime - Le Corbusier no longer interested in...
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