W2013CHM2311 Part 4d Notes

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Unformatted text preview: A1 E -1 3.2 eV -13 .6 eV - 25.6 eV A1 -25 .6 eV H3 “SALCs” A “AOs”: in this case N AOs MO Diagram for Trigonal Pyramidal AH3 Molecules: NH3 Walsh Diagrams Revisited Walsh diagrams track the energy of the MOs as the shape of a molecule is changed. ⤷  The shape of a molecule (e.g., linear vs. bent) can be predicted based on the number of electrons ⤷  the Walsh diagram below is based on MO diagrams of EH2 molecules. NOTE: The an0bonding orbitals are not shown in this diagram but should be included as well if they need to be consider. Walsh Diagram for EH3 Extending to AH4 For AH4, the two arrangements possible (for this class) are square planar and tetrahedral. Star0ng with square planar follow through the steps for developing the MO diagram. Step 1: point group D4h Step 2: Assign z axis as the highest order rot...
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