W2013CHM2311 Part 4a Notes

3 4 for prac0ce also do the following 1 draw the

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Unformatted text preview: 2p 2p πu πu σg 2s σu* 2s σg 14 electrons Bond order = 0.5(6 ­4) = 1 Orbital Degeneracy σu* Orbitals with iden0cal energies are said to be degenerate. energy πg* πg* 2p 2p πu πu σg 2s σu* 2s σg 14 electrons Bond order = 0.5(6 ­4) = 1 Stabiliza0on of Molecular Orbitals The overall energy change that results upon forma0on of molecular orbitals from atomic orbitals is the stabiliza0on energy. The stabiliza0on energy depends on two important factors: 1.  Orbital overlap: A greater amount of overlap between atomic orbitals results in greater stabiliza0on of molecular orbitals. ↳  i.e., the distance between atoms must be short enough to provide good overlap, but not so close that repulsive forces interfere. 2.  Energies of atomic orbitals: When there is a small difference in energy between the combining atomic orbitals, the overall stabiliza0on of the resul0ng molecular orbitals will be greater. Orbital Overlap The amount of overlap between atomic orbitals affects stabiliza0on of molecular orbitals. ΔE ΔE Poorer overlap of AOs Energy Energy Good overlap of AOs ΔE ΔE Energies of Atomic Orbitals If the difference in energies of the atomic orbit...
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