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Bonding vs nonbonding interac0ons x fa 2px 2py 2pz

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Unformatted text preview: The greater the overlap the more the bonding MO is lowered and the higher the antibonding MO is raised. Although p orbitals are degenerate, pz can overlap head on, to form a very stable bonding MO and a very unstable antibonding MO. The σ orbital formed from the pz is very stable and the σ* antibonding orbital is very destablized. Overlap for the px and py orbitals (to give π/π*) is less and therefore the MO formed is not as far below the AO in energy terms Molecular Orbitals from s ­orbitals σ* ­anBbonding orbitals remove electrons from internuclear zone. σ* = 1sA – 1sB +  ­ σ* (1s) σ ­bonding orbitals concentrate electrons in internuclear zone. σ = 1sA + 1sB + σ (1s) The MO Diagram For H2 Energy ψ*MO = ϕ1sA  ­ ϕ1sB ΔE ϕ1sA ϕ1sB ψMO = ϕ1sA + ϕ1sB What About The MO Diagram of F2? energy Start by looking at the orbital energy ­level diagram for an isolated F atom. ↳  only consider valence orbitals x 2px 2py 2pz z y 2s What About The MO Diagram of F2? energy The MO diagram...
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