W2013CHM2311 Part 4a Notes

In mo theory we addsubtract atomic orbitals on dierent

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Unformatted text preview: s In VB theory we hybridize atomic orbitals (add/subtract them) on same atom to direct electron pairs. In MO theory we add/subtract atomic orbitals on different atoms create orbitals that span two or more atoms. C Hybrids on different atoms are then mulBplied together. Pictorially easy, mathema0cally complex. MO theory provides us with an AuAau type descripBon of energy levels in molecules. Models of Covalent Bonding Localized bonding models: Lewis Theory, Valence Bond Theory Electrons in a bond are considered to be localized between the two atoms that are joined by the bond. The electrons stay between those atoms; they can NOT change loca0ons and they do not move around the molecule. Delocalized bonding models: Resonance Theory, Molecular Orbital Theory Electrons in a molecule are no longer considered as belonging to a specific atom. They are not stuck in any given loca0on. Rather, all electrons belong to the molecule as a whole, and can move throug...
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