W2013CHM2311 Part 4a Notes

Nn 2s mo diagrams for second period diatomics o2

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Unformatted text preview: order)? 4. What causes the cross over between N2 and O2? Li2 Reality Check Absolute energies of orbitals change across Periodic Table B e2 B2 C2 photoelectron spectra provide evidence for ordering N2 O2 Absolute Energy F2 Secondary Orbital Mixing Orbitals with similar energies can interact if they have similar symmetries (σ vs. π) and inversion (g vs. u). Secondary Orbital Mixing or s ­p Mixing e.g., Can the 2σg (formed from atomic 2s orbitals) and the 2σg (formed from atomic 2pz orbitals) mix? 2σg (2s) 2σg (2p) These orbitals have the same symmetry so if close in energy they can mix ↳  they are both σg orbitals. sp Mixing – Pairs of Pairs Molecular orbitals of the same symmetry that are close in energy will mix and repel one another. add pσu sσu subtract pσg sσg subtract add sp Mixing, MO Ordering and ComposiBon pσu an? ­bonding strongly an? ­bonding pπg almost non ­bonding pπu bonding pσg sσu an? ­bonding Crossover almost non ­bonding sσg strongly bonding bonding Weak sp mixing Strong sp mixing strongly an0 ­bonding CorrelaBon Diagram for A2 αp ΔEπ ΔEpp almost non ...
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