W2013CHM2311 Part 4a Notes

Omen one ao is shown on the far lem and the other on

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Unformatted text preview: er energy than the star0ng atomic orbitals. Destruc0ve Interference ψ*MO = caϕ1sA  ­ cbϕ1sB Construc0ve Interference ψMO = caϕ1sA + cbϕ1sB Energy of Molecular Orbitals σ* ­anBbonding orbitals remove electrons from internuclear zone. A node between nuclei decreases stability of an orbital. The an0bonding MO (ψ*MO) will have a higher energy than the atomic orbitals (i.e. it is less stable) +  ­ σ ­bonding orbitals concentrate electrons in internuclear zone. Electron density between nuclei increases stability of an orbital due to favorable a_rac0on of electrons to both nuclei. The bonding MO (ψMO) will have a lower energy than the atomic orbitals (i.e. it is more stable) + We can illustrate the energy changes using a molecular orbital energy ­level diagram, which shows the energies of the molecular orbitals rela0ve to the energies of the atomic orbitals. Molecular Orbital Energy Level Diagrams Molecular orbital diagrams show the energies of the newly formed molecular orbitals rela0ve to the energies...
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