W2013CHM2311 Part 4a Notes

Overlap regions of opposite sign give rise to

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Unformatted text preview: ymmetry with respect to inversion: g symmetric with respect to i u an0symmetric with respect to i σg πu σu πg Prac0ce Problem Draw the bonding and an0bonding orbitals that result from overlap of each of the pairs of orbitals shown below. Try to derive the MOs without looking at the answers in your notes – all of the answers may not be found in your notes. Label the molecular orbitals as σ or π and give them the appropriate subscript of g or u . Assume the z ­axis is the internuclear axis. Atom A Atom B pz pz s pz s s px px x z y Prac0ce Problem Draw the following orbitals and determine which pairs can overlap to form a bond based on symmetry arguments? (Use the z ­axis as the internuclear axis) Atom A Atom B s px px py pz dxy px dx2 ­y2 dxz px x z y Energies of Molecular Orbitals The rela0ve energies of MOs c...
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