W2013CHM2311 Part 4a Notes

Kjmol bond lengthpm c2 n2 o2 f2 2p 2p successes

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Unformatted text preview: bonding Atomic VOIPs (eV) αs strongly bonding No sp mixing sp mixing 10.6 25.6 13.2 O 32.3 15.8 F ΔEss 19.4 N almost non ­bonding 2p C energy 2s 40.2 18.6 Orbital Mixing Mixing results in an increase in the energy of the higher ­energy orbital and a decrease in the energy of the lower ­energy orbital. No Mixing Mixing of orbitals σu* σu* πg* πg* 2p πg* πg* 2p πu πu 2p mix σg πu πu 2p mix σg 2s σu* σg 2s 2s σu* σg 2s Orbital Mixing Mathema0cally, orbital mixing is simply a linear combina0on...
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