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Can mo theory account for this observa0on a stable

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Unformatted text preview: π- system In drawing the molecular orbitals of π- systems, it is common to depict the molecular orbitals schema0cally in terms of the atomic orbitals from which they were derived, with shading indica0ng in- phase and out- of- phase combina0ons. Keep in mind that these sketches do, in fact, represent molecular orbitals with delocalized electron density (as shown below). π* H H π H H C C C C H H H H Organic Molecules with π- Bonding Experimental Observa;on: Rota0on around a single C- C bond requires very li]le energy; however, rota0on around a double C=C bond requires a great deal of energy. Can MO theory account for this observa0on? A stable π- orbital requires that the two p- orbitals of the carbon atoms are in the same plane. H H H C C H H H H C CH H Rota0on about the C=C bond would result in a loss of p-...
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