W2013CHM2311 Part 5 Notes

From the total number of electrons which you will

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Unformatted text preview: nt features when fragment orbital contains an even number of carbons: 1.  Symmetry of fragment orbitals alternates. ↳  the lowest energy one being symmetric, the next one is an0symmetric, etc. 2.  # electrons in a fragment = # carbon atoms in the fragment, which is an even number: 2n where n is a posi0ve integer. ↳  e.g., ethylene contains 2 π electrons (2n where n = 1); butene contains 4 π electrons (2n where n = 2). 3.  The molecular orbitals will contain 2(2n) = 4n π electrons. ↳  e.g., cyclobutadiene contains 4 π electrons (4n where n = 1). 4.  The HOMOs of the chain fragments will combine to generate a bonding and an an0bonding orbital for the ring (shown in the center of the diagram in previous slide). Both orbitals will be filled with electr...
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