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Hmo theory applica0on to aroma0city an0aroma0city the

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Unformatted text preview: are higher in energy than the chain fragments, the ring is an9aroma9c. Benzene: An Aroma;c Ring H H H C H H C H C C C C H C C C C C H H H C H H Resonance Descrip;on →  All atoms are in the same plane →  The MO diagram for benzene’s π- system consists of six unhybridized p- orbitals (one on each carbon atom) connected in a ring. →  Recall that an allyl group consists of three unhybridized p- orbitals. →  Can develop an MO descrip0on of benzene’s π- system by combining the π- systems of two allyl fragments. HMO Treatment of Allylic Species Propylene: a linear 3- carbon π- system The lowest orbital is π- bonding. The next orbital is a nonbonding MO with one node that bisects the molecules ↳  i.e., the node passes through the central C atom and eliminates interac0on with the central carbon p- orbital. The highest orbital is a π* (an0bonding combina0on) with two nodes. An;bonding Nonbonding or em pty Bonding perpendicular views Benzene π- MO Diagram: Combina0on of Two Allyl Fragments TOP VIEW OF ALLYL FRAGMENT TOP VIEW OF ALLYL FRAGMENT Ψ6 S S e n er g y Ψ4 ...
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