W2013CHM2311 Part 5 Notes

This is called hckels rule 4n 2 electrons aroma0c

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Unformatted text preview: s of the π- systems of benzene and cyclobutadiene. It is useful to extrapolate these concepts so we can predict the MO descrip0on of any sized cyclic π- system, and thereby predict the aroma0city or an0aroma0city of such systems. The π MOs of any conjugated ring can be determined by linear combina0ons of the π MOs of π- chain fragments. ↳  e.g., benzene π MOs are linear combina0ons of allyl π MOs; butadiene π MOs are linear combina0ons of ethylene π MOs NOTE: This does not mean that allyl fragments will combine in a chemical reac0on to form benzene! They won’t! This is just an easy and accurate way of visualizing the π molecular orbitals. HMO Theory Predic0on of Aroma0city & An0aroma0city When π- chain fragments with an odd number of carbons (e.g., allyl radical) are combined to form the π MOs of a conjugated ring, the MO...
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