W2013CHM2311 Part 5 Notes

Every in phase interac0on counts as a bonding

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Unformatted text preview: an0symmetric with respect to a central mirror plane that is perpendicular to the axis containing the carbon atoms. ↳  Although the carbon chains are not really linear, for the sake of simplicity the symmetry can be evaluated as if they were linear. 3.  The lowest energy π- orbital for a molecule will always be symmetric. The next higher orbital will be an0symmetric, etc. ↳  The orbitals alternate in symmetry. 4.  The lowest energy molecular orbital has no nodes. The next higher orbital has one node. The next has two nodes, etc. The highest level has a node between every adjacent atom. ↳  Nodes must always be symmetrically located with respect to the central mirror plan. Otherwise the orbital would be nonsymmetric, which is not allowed by rule #2. “Short- Cuts” for Construc0ng π- MO Diagrams for π- Conjugated...
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