W2013CHM2311 Part 5 Notes

G cyclobutadiene benzene aroma0city or an0aroma0city

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Unformatted text preview: SOMO of the fragment orbitals will always be the nonbonding orbital. 5.  The SOMOs of the chain fragments will combine to generate a bonding and an an0bonding orbital for the ring (shown in the center of the diagram in previous slide). Both electrons go into the bonding orbital resul0ng in net stabiliza9on for the ring structure. Conclusion: A conjugated ring containing 4n+2 π electrons will be stabilized from electron delocaliza0on. Thus, it is called aroma;c. HMO Theory Predic0on of Aroma0city & An0aroma0city When π- chain fragments with an even number of carbons (e.g., ethylene) are combined to form the π MOs of a conjugated ring, the MO will always look like: HOMO A A HOMO S S A A A A S S 2n electrons 4n electrons 2n electrons HMO Theory Predic0on of Aroma0city & An0aroma0city Importa...
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