May 2 - May 2, 2007 Deadlines Bench Marks Time Tables Sunni...

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May 2, 2007 Deadlines Bench Marks Time Tables Sunni Shia Requiring Troops to withdraw from Iraq Distinguish three terms of arguments: 1. Benchmarks - Statement of goals the U.S. expects the government in Baghdad to meet a. Ex. The initial move with regard to the division of oil revenues gives the bulk of those revenues to either the kurds (in the north) or the shia (south). The Sunni triangle (in the center of the country) do not sit on any oil. Under the government plan, they would only get a small percentage of the nations oil. We think they deserve a more equal apportionment of the revenues. b. Benchmark is to create a new plan to divide the oil revenues among the ethnic groups more equally. 2. Deadline : passed by both hosue and senate of precise dates by which the withdrawl of U.S. forces must begin (in 6 months time) and by which it must be completed (in a year) 3. Timetables : Attached to the Benchmarks in the Congressional Bill. These goals must be met by the Iraqi government by such a date. If the government doesn’t reach the deadline in the time allocated for in the congressional statutes, then the American troops will be withdrawn even more quickly These are the attachments to the funding bill. Bush administration has made a concession, agreeing to Benchmarks, but not to Deadlines or Timetables. It won’t accept dates by which those benchmarks must be met. o The question is, will the Democrats accept this, or will they say that benchmarks are meaningless without timetables. Whether they go for the Bush compromise or go with the bills they already passed will depend on their assessment of public opinion. o
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May 2 - May 2, 2007 Deadlines Bench Marks Time Tables Sunni...

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