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CH E 312 Seminar 3 - University of Alberta Department of...

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University of Alberta Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering ChE 312 Fluid Mechanics Seminar Session 03 Question 1) The fluid in direct contact with a stationary solid boundary has zero velocity; there is no slip at the boundary. Thus the flow over a flat plate adheres to the plate surface and forms a boundary layer, as depicted below. The flow ahead of the plate is uniform with velocity 𝑉 �⃗ = 𝑈 𝚤⃗ ; U = 30 m/s. The velocity distribution along cd is approximated as a steady, one-dimensional flow 𝑉 �⃗ = 𝑢 𝚤⃗ ; 𝑢 = 𝑈 � 2 𝑦 𝛿 � − � 𝑦 𝛿 2 . The boundary- layer thickness at location d is δ = 5 mm. The fluid is air with
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