Syllabus and Schedule SCMS 2610

Do not give me a corporate overview im not looking

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Unformatted text preview: in the allotted window, the material included, and the presentation itself. Do not give me a corporate overview. I’m not looking for information I could find on the company’s website. I want to see evidence that you can do research, interpret your findings, apply class material to your topic, and summarize your thoughts in a brief time. Since this is an online course, I will be looking for you and your partner to each take a portion of the overall presentation and record your piece of the presentation. Ideally, the two video files should be merged into a single presentation file for me to review. If you do not have the capability to create one file, I will accept two separate video files for your presentation. However, they should still flow together. In other words, Presenter 1 might introduce the group members, provide a brief overview of the topic, discuss the class-related problem and then say “and now XYZ will discuss our proposed solution based on some of the things we’ve learned in class.” Presenter 2 might then discuss the research they did, show ways to improve the deficiencies, and provide a conclusion. 2b. Written Summary: Your written summary will be an expansion of your presentation. This will be due on April 22. I’m not placing a minimum or maximum on the page length, but as you can tell from the point allocation, I’m expecti...
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