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Syllabus and Schedule SCMS 2610

Syllabus and Schedule SCMS 2610 - SCMS 2610 INTRODUCTION TO...

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1 SCMS 2610 - INTRODUCTION TO SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Spring 2014 Online Course Professor: Dr. Shawn Jones Office Location: 234 FCB Office Hours: Tu / Th: 1000 – 1200 other times by appointment Communications: e-mail: [email protected] ! Preferred Contact Method phone: 678-5925 Podcast Central: https://podcasts.memphis.edu/series.php?id=762 Course Description : This course is an introduction to the concept of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and the functions (Purchasing, Inventory Management, Operations Management, Transportation, and Logistics) which comprise SCM. Online Browser Set-up: For many of you, this is your first online course. The University has set-up a website to help you preare your browser - please do so before the course starts: https://elearn.memphis.edu/d2l/tools/system_check/systemcheck.asp?ou=6638 Technical Support: I am not a computer expert and I do not have the necessary software or equipment to troubleshoot your computer challenges. If you can send/receive e-mail, download and upload files, record your presentation using a webcam or other suitable digital recording device, and have consistent internet access through the semester, you should be prepared for the course. If you encounter challenges with any of these items, I suggest reviewing the “Help” or “Student –Guides” areas of eCourseware or speaking with the Information Technology Division support staff at https://umhelpdesk.memphis.edu or 901-678-8888. Online course notes: This is the first course I’ve instructed online. I want to state at the beginning that I’m always open to your suggestions on ways to improve the experience. I set out to make online course to be as close to the classroom experience as possible. However, there are obviously some significant differences. First, you will not be sitting through 1:20 of lectures twice weekly. I will upload shorter audio files to guide your learning with each lesson. Much of the learning that will take place in this class requires your initiative: getting on the bulletin board to interact with me and classmates, reading the material, doing the case studies, reviewing the PowerPoint slides, and listening to the audio/video files I provide. https://podcasts.memphis.edu/series.php?id=762 Second, there will still be group projects and case studies in this course. This will require you to interact with other classmates in some manner. If you are all local, you could meet in person. If you are not, there are a variety of chat, bulletin board, shared document, and more traditional (phone) methods to get together. I will leave much of that up to you to organize in the best way for your schedule.
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2 Third, the major deliverables for this course include quizzes, exams, a presentation, and a paper. The quizzes will be taken online. The exams will be multiple choice, open book, open notes. The presentation and paper will be submitted in eCourseware’s dropbox. Since I obviously can’t supervise each activity, I will closely scrutinize the submissions to ensure that the work you do is your own.
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