Syllabus and Schedule SCMS 2610

The first exam may be entirely multiple choice the

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Unformatted text preview: taken from the material covered in the respective portion of the course. The first exam may be entirely multiple choice. The second and third exams may include both multiple choice and essay questions. 2. Supply Chain Research Project: The research presentation is your opportunity to learn more about how Supply Chain Management affects the world around you. You will be working in groups of two that I will assign by the second week of the course. You will be permitted to present on any topic of your choosing once I have approved it. You will need to submit your proposed topic to me by February 11 (yes, this is part of your grade). No duplication of topics will be permitted. You will receive additional information about this requirement on the first day of class. As you’ll note below, this is a significant portion of your grade. There is also a written component of the presentation. This will be due on the same day as your presentation. 2a. Presentation: The purpose of this presentation is to summarize your research and educate your audience within a 5 minute window per speaker. You should provide a very brief overview of the company, share the specific supply-chain related material, and summarize why you selected this topic for the class. The score will be based on your presentation skills, your ability to complete the assignment on time and with...
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