Syllabus and Schedule SCMS 2610

The quizzes will be taken online the exams will be

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Unformatted text preview: entation, and a paper. The quizzes will be taken online. The exams will be multiple choice, open book, open notes. The presentation and paper will be submitted in eCourseware’s dropbox. Since I obviously can’t supervise each activity, I will closely scrutinize the submissions to ensure that the work you do is your own. Objective: By final exams, you will gain an understanding of what Supply Chain Management is, why it is important to any specialization within the business world, and how it fits in with other business and management areas. Additionally, you will be challenged to think, present, and write like a future business leader. Readings: Readings for this course are compiled in a custom book entitled Supply Chain Management. The bad news is that as a custom text, you will need to either acquire it from a former student or purchase it directly from one of the bookstores directly servicing the University of Memphis (not likely to find it on or similar sites). The good news is that I’ve collected the best chapters from several different books to put into this text. So while you’re restricted in your purchase options, the quality of material you’re receiving is the best available. Attendance and Professional Classroom Conduct: Since we’re meeting in the “virtual classroom” environment, there are...
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