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Atomic Models and Quantum Numbers for handout shortened version new 4 slides per page

2 the quantum mechanical picture of the atom 3 the

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Unformatted text preview: the reference point (nucleus) in 3D space - GIVES shape to orbitals Basic Postulates of Quantum Theory 1. 2. The Quantum Mechanical Picture of the Atom 3. The allowed energy levels of electrons in an atom (the energy states) can be described by sets of numbers called quantum numbers. • • Atoms can exist only in certain energy states. In each energy state, the atom has a definite energy. When an atom changes its energy state, it must emit or absorb just enough energy to bring it to the new energy state (the quantum condition). Atoms emit or absorb radiation (light) as they change their energies. The frequency of the light emitted or absorbed is related to the energy change by a simple equation. Quantum Number n • The principal quantum number ‘n’. n = 1, 2, 3, 4, ...... “shells” n = K, L, M, N, ...... The electron’s energy depends mainly on n . Quantum numbers are the solutions of the Schrödinger & Dirac equations. Four quantum numbers are necessary to describe energy states of electrons in atoms. 6 1/21/2014 Quantum Number ℓ Quantum Numbers ml • Magnet...
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