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Part J Electronic Configuration, Periodic Table and periodic trends 4 slides per page

Paramagnetic maximum of 2 electrons per orbital place

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Unformatted text preview: electrons in an orbital? • PARAMAGNETIC - Maximum of 2 electrons per orbital - Place them SINGLY FIRST BEFORE PAIRING (Hund’s Rule) - Ex. Place electrons in – Atoms with unpaired electrons are called paramagnetic . – Paramagnetic atoms are attracted to a magnetic field – (Unpaired electrons have their spins aligned ↑ or ↓ ) 1s2 o 1s - ___ • DIAMAGNETIC – Atoms with paired electrons are called diamagnetic. – Diamagnetic atoms are repelled by a magnet. – (Paired electrons have their spins unaligned ↓↑) – Paired electrons have no net magnetic field - ↑n value, ↑energy! - The arrangement of orbitals is based on calculated energies from Hψ = Eψ • Orbitals are arranged by INCREASING ENERGY • Describes how the periodic chart is a function of electronic configurations px py pz o 3d - ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 3d10 d xy d yz d xz d x2 −y2 d z2 Aufbau Principle and El...
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