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Anthropology 101 Dr. Weissman Research Paper Throughout the world different cultures exist; each culture’s way of life is different from another. Most of the time, cultures differ because they’ve had to due to the forever-changing environment they inhabit. Cultures teach their new generations how to satisfy their biological needs by the way of that culture. The Rastafarian culture is unique for the fact that unlike almost every other culture, it is a counter culture in which the main beliefs deal with the movement against modern society. The Rastafarian movement started in Jamaica during the early 1930’s. The religion was first started when the Emperor of Ethiopia, Halie Selassie I, was crowned “King of Kings, Elect of God and Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah” in Times Magazine, November 3, 1935. This event created great publicity around the world, especially in the eyes of many poverty stricken Jamaicans who began to look upon Halie Selassie as both a God and King, these followers were known as Rastafarians. In his article entitled “The Green Buds of Africa” Mike Gianakos states that “In fact, the very name “Rastafari” derives from Ras meaning “prince” and Tafari Makonnen which is Selassie’s birth name”. They believed that Selassie had fulfilled the prophecy from the book of revelation, and had great admiration for their newfound “Jah”. The Rastafarians use the term “Jah” to represent Halie Selassie I, it can be defined as: living God incarnated. Most Rastafarians believe that Selassie is in some way a reincarnation of Jesus and that they are the true Israelites. This idea of black Israelites is evident in Norman Redington’s article “A Sketch of Rastafari History” when he says “Black slaves always felt an obvious affinity to the enslaved Hebrews; a few took this
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sympathy to its logical extreme and claimed to be, in fact, Jews”. They greatly believe in the idea of being one’s own “Kingman” and feel that they have been conditioned into slavery by society, which the Rastafarians refer to as “Babylon”. Many Rastafarians believe that only half of the bible was written and the other half was stolen from them along with their culture. For this reason Rasta’s believe that even an illiterate man can be Rastafarian by reading God’s word in their heart. A critical belief in the Rastafarian culture is that God cannot die, and it is for this
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ch research paper 1 - Anthropology 101 Dr. Weissman...

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