ESS 3091- 5- Exercise Metabolism- Student-2

2 mlkgmin what is her absolute vo2max there are 22

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Unformatted text preview: olute vs. Relative VO2 4. Ingrid (127 lb) has a relative VO2max of 46.2 mL/kg/min. What is her absolute VO2max? (There are 2.2 lb/kg) 127 lb/ 2.2 = 57.7 kg 46.2 mL/kg/min x 57.7 kg = 2665.7 mL/min 2665.7 / 1000 = 2.7 L/min Estimating Energy Expenditure you expend 5 kcals/ 1L O2 consumed Estimate VO2 energy expenditure from Estimating EE 5. Joe (163 lb) performed stair climbing for 45 minutes at an intensity of VO2= 34.4 mL/kg/min. What was his total caloric expenditure? (There are 2.2 lb/ kg, there are 5 kcal/ LO2) 163/ 2.2= 74.1 kg 34.4 mL/kg/min x 74.1 = 2549 mL/min 2549 mL = 2.6 L/min 2.6 L/min x 5 kcal/L= 12.7 kcal/min 12.7 kcal/min x 45 min = 573 kcals expended Exercise metabolism III Training for Anaerobic & Aerobic Power Bioenergetics Qualities of a given activity dictate the bioenergetic pathway used All ◦ ◦ 3 energy pathways may be activated Predominance depends on intensity & duration Anaerobic pathways predominate at: Start of exercise Transition to a higher intensity Above aerobic capacity The overload principle Physiologic adaptation (increased efficiency) follows exercise training with a stimulus that is greater than usual ◦ Overload the system to see improvements The spe...
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