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Email contact informa6on secon room secon me 1

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Unformatted text preview: nesday L༄ Email contact informa6on •  For absences, accommoda6ons, and add/drop David Neufeld: [email protected] •  For all other administra6ve issues (Problems with SmartPhysics, clickers, sec6on assignments, blackboard) Head TA Alan Liu: [email protected] •  For physics ques6ons: your graduate student TA with cc to me. Please don’t expect your graduate student TA to be available to you 24/7: you can’t necessarily expect a response the night before homework. Email contact informa6on Sec$on Room Sec$on $me 1 Krieger 309 8 am 2 Bloomberg 478 8 am 3 Krieger 309 9 am 4 Bloomberg 478 9 am 5 Krieger 309 10 am 6 Bloomberg 478 10 am 7 Krieger 309 11 am...
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