Jhuedu kinema6cs the descrip6on of how things move

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Unformatted text preview: 8 Bloomberg 478 11 am 9 Krieger 309 12 noon 10 Bloomberg 478 12 noon Graduate student TA / Graduate student TA’s Undergraduate TA Email address Brooks Kinch / Celine Cua Nicholas Eminizer / Oliver McNeely Krys6na Krylova / Celine Cua Alan Liu / Lauren Icken Brooks Kinch / Jordan Hoffman bkinch1@jhu.edu Nicholas Eminizer / Lauren Icken Krys6na Krylova / Jordan Hoffman neminiz1@jhu.edu Philip Engelke / Jason Cheu Alan Liu / Oliver McNeely pengelk1@jhu.edu Philip Engelke / Jason Cheu pengelk1@jhu.edu neminiz1@jhu.edu kkrylov1@jhu.edu asliu@pha.jhu.edu bkinch1@jhu.edu kkrylov1@jhu.edu asliu@pha.jhu.edu Kinema6cs The descrip6on of how things move without regard to why Displacement, x x f − x i Δx = A...
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