K 1 mv 2 2 r2 w12 f dl r1 the work kinetic energy

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Unformatted text preview: n θ (down ramp) vxf2 – vxi2 = 2 a Δx = 2 g sin θ (Δh/sin θ) = 2gh vxf2 = 2gh Three ways of looking at it N W W Work – Kine>c Energy theorem ½ m (vf2 – vi2) = W = ∫ F . dr = ∫ N . dr + ∫ Fg . dr = – ∫ mg dz = mgh vf2 = 2gh Unit 7 MAIN POINTS Work and Kinetic Energy Definitions The kinetic energy of an object is defined to be ½ the product of the mass and the square of its velocity. The work done by a force as an object is moved between two points along some path is defined to be the dot product of the force with the displacement along the path between those two points. K≡ 1 mv 2 2 & r2 && W1→2 ≡ ³ F ⋅ dl & r1 The Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem Integrating Newton’s second law, we obtain the workkinetic energy theorem: the work...
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