If the subject matter has not been covered by the

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Unformatted text preview: vidual lab report through Blackboard, although the two lab partners may share the same data of measurements. 7. The experiment for a particular week may not be in synchronization with the lecture part of General Physics. If the subject matter has not been covered by the lectures, the student should read the General Physics lecture class textbook to gain the necessary knowledge. 8. Each student must have an e­mail address to be given to your lab instructor. You must check your e­mail messages frequently to receive additional information about this course and your section. 9. Each student is responsible for performing all laboratory experiments at the scheduled times. In case of absence, the student may arrange with his or her lab instructor or the lab supervisor to make up a missed laboratory experiment. When possible, this make­up session is to be arranged in advance of the absence. An appointment with your lab instructor or supervisor is required to do a make up lab at the end of the session. 10. Food and drinks are not allowed into the laboratory. Cell phones should be switched off when you enter the lab. 11. Registration for this course is handled by the Registrar’s Office. If you want to add/drop or change sections please do not contact your instructor, professor or the laboratory staff. Please do not contact the physics department office for dropping/adding or section changes. They will not be able to help you. (If you want to change sections do not try to drop and then read the lab course. Most lab times will have wait­list. Dropping lab means you lose your position and are not guaranteed to Page 3 be able to register for a new lab). 12. Please see the lab supervisor for more information about the lab instrumentation, scheduling make­up labs and any concerns about the lab instructor. Please do not approach the Physics Department’s office for any issues related to the lab. 13. Any issues about the lab grading should be first discussed with your lab instructor first. If you are not able to resolve it with you instructor, contact the Head TA. If you are still not satisfied, then you should contact your lab pr...
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